How Can We Help?

Greetings Friends; If you're familiar with my company-Karma Inc Apparel, you know our mission is to donate a portion of every sale to Charity. Since introducing our new website and products, I choose 5 well known causes that really gave back. We will continue to support those causes, but in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane #Harvey in Texas,we will be doing something different. Since we are introducing so many new things, I don,t want anyone to think Karma Inc Apparel is using a disaster to get our name out there,or profit in any way. 

So This is how  I see it. If you buy any Karma Inc Apparel product starting today thru the month of September, I will donate all net profit made on every item directly to The American Red Cross-Period! I have watched other companies with good intentions try to help out during a time of need,only to have said they were profiting from something that hurt people. So I feel if we are going to truly try to help those affected by a 500 year event-Yes that's how big its become;then we must do so 100%,and hope that in the future ,you will have found you liked the product we produced, and you will return to help us support many other important causes.

So Please "SHOP TILL YOU DROP HERE_,and your purchases will all matter to someone whose life has been changed by this ongoing disaster! Thank you, Peace and Love, Brian Martindale-Karma Inc Apparel