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Dream, Create, Inspire Sidewalk Chalk T-Shirt

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Sidewalk Chalk Collection

Karma Inc Apparel's Sidewalk Chalk T-Shirt designs were created by chalk artist Susan Melton. Susan lives Cheboygan, MI and began drawing on sidewalks as a way to battler her depression. Susan is an advocate for suicide prevention and strongly supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention after losing someone close.

Our Process - Begins by collaborating with Susan who creates real works of art, every single day somewhere in America.  We take her art and turn it into printable designs that are both unique, colorful and both promote and empower people to be kind. You can visit the official Sidewalk Chalk Project Facebook Page by clicking here.

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Smother Hate with Love Sidewalk Chalk Design


Dream, Create, Inspire Sidewalk Chalk Design

Choose to Keep Going Sidewalk Chalk Design

Be the Change You Wish To See




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