My name is Brian Martindale, and I’m the founder of Karma Inc Apparel. This brand was ideated in 2009 through a conversation with my son, David; we saw an amazing opportunity to use graphic T-shirts and other apparel to promote peace, love, and giving. At the time, we didn’t know much about the clothing industry; only that we wanted to support peace, love, and unity through a mission-driven brand. To further that mission, we also made the decision to use every sale to support a charity or non-profit in some way. Karma Inc. Apparel got its debut through the music scene in Michigan by promoting and sponsoring events with 6 basic T-shirt designs and a self-made website. As a bass player myself, I’ve always appreciated the powerful impact that music can have on a community. From those humble beginnings, Karma Inc. Apparel has grown into something much larger than David or I ever expected! To date, we have supported numerous living organ donor programs, raised money for cancer research, and donated to charities that truly support children. The decision for which charities to support come from detailed research and personal experience. In the early days of building Karma Inc., I had decided to become a living organ donor by committing to a kidney transplant. Giving a piece of oneself to make a positive impact on another life has always been the mission of Karma Inc Apparel, so supporting living kidney foundations has continued to be a theme for the company. That experience has served as a guiding force for Karma Inc. to this day, and I’m forever grateful that I made the decision to create a beautiful and lasting friendship through organ donation. Currently, we donate 20% of all profit from sales to charitable organizations. The continued support of new designs from our customers is heartwarming, because Karma Inc. would never be able to accomplish these amazing charities without the amazing community that has come together and supported the concept of our brand. Our mission has always been to spread a message of kindness, unity, and inclusion for everyone, so to see the positive impact that the brand has had in the past decade is beyond amazing! Please visit our charities page -  to see who we are supporting this month, and come join the good fight!


Peace and Love,

Brian Martindale -

Owner | Karma Inc. Apparel

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