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  • Spreading Kindness One Shirt at A Time

  • Spreading Kindness One Shirt At A Time


  • Dear Brian Martindale-Karma Inc Apparel,

    I am so grateful to all of you for coming together to help my kids and me help the homeless.

    They are so excited about this project and I know they'll be thrilled to hear it has fully funded.

    I appreciate your efforts in helping me to grow a generation of youngsters who care about and understand the importance of giving.

    My kids are learning a lot from this experience and when we finally drop off the supplies to the homeless shelter, receive a tour, and learn about its history and mission, it's then that the impact they're making will truly hit home. Even a child as young as eight years old can make a difference. My joy is when they actually realize it!

    Love you you all. Xo.

    Mrs. Marciniak

  • Dear Brian Martindale-Karma Inc Apparel,

    Thank you so much for helping us with this project. So far we have collected 9 boxes filled with socks and underwear (including this project), and over $200 from our morning sales.

    The kids and I are excited to deliver the donations and use the money to purchase even more!

    Our field trip is scheduled for November so are hoping to keep the momentum going to help the homeless.

    Thank you so much for the role you've played in this project. My kids and I appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you, too, for helping me to grow a generation of youngsters who understand the importance of giving back.

    Much love to you all! xo

    Mrs. Marciniak

  • Dear Karma Inc Apparel,
    Thank you for donating Football equipment to my school.  They will love it!