Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate Leadership

The Power & Importance of a Leader's Ability to Feel or Display Sensitivity or Concern for Others

 From -Brian Martindale; Owner-Karma Inc Apparel


Compassion is a feeling that we have for others and is the opposite of apathy.

Compassion is a feeling that we have for others and is the opposite of apathy. When people are compassionate, they feel bad when they see someone in pain or struggling and want to help them. They also feel good when they help someone else or do something nice for them. Compassionate people are usually kind, empathetic, caring, and forgiving. They are also loyal to those who help them out in tough times.

Compassion has been shown to lead to happiness through its ability to create positive relationships with those around us as well as increase our overall life satisfaction by helping us be more mindful of our own needs as well as those around us.


Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and concern for someone who is suffering. It is often the result of empathy - feeling what the other person feels, or imagining what they might be going through.

The word comes from the Latin word "compati" meaning "to suffer with." Compassion has been called "the queen of virtues." The Dalai Lama says that compassion is "the key to peace."

Compassionate leadership can be seen in leaders who are willing to listen to their followers, who are open-minded and understanding, and who show care for those around them.

Compassion is a powerful and positive human emotion that has been known to have many benefits. It is the feeling of sorrow, love, or concern for another person's suffering. Compassionate people are more likely to help others, as they are able to feel empathy and care for other people's needs.

Compassionate leadership is a management style that focuses on the needs of employees. This style of leadership encourages employees to work together, communicate effectively, and commit themselves fully to their work.

Peace and Love

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